Fun with autofs and RHEL6

For those of you upgrading to RHEL6 or CentOS 6 who are using nfs automappings, some of you are probably noticing some interesting behavior. When we stumbled across this issue, it was because our home directories were all mounted nobody:nobody.

Turns out in RHEL6, nfsv4 is now the default, and this can catch people off guard. There are a few ways to fix this however.
  1.  Least effort: uncomment the OPTIONS section of /etc/sysconfig/autofs and add an option of -O nfsvers=3. This will make your RHEL6 or CentOS6 box behave just like previous versions. 
  2. Best Solution: Double check your NFS server to make sure that nfs4 is configured properly, then edit /etc/idmapd.conf on your clients, and set the Domain mapping to match your nfsv4 environment. 
If you're using a filer system such as a NetApp, you'll probably need to set the NFS4 domain by configuring  if it's not set already.


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