Really Gnome?

I really don't want to turn this blog into an anti-gnome3 themed thing, but they seem to insist on terrible things. Being the type of person I am, if I find terrible things, I'm going to share terrible things. So in that spirit, here's your terrible thing:

This slide deck starts off like any other. A bit of backstory, a bit of self-promotion, no big deal. This is all reasonably mundane, until about slide 10. Slide 10 makes it achingly apparent that you're now listening to a zealot. No amount of logic, evidence, discussion or negotiation is going to change this fanatical mindset. 

Slide 15 also caught my eye as being counter to logic. I wasn't at the talk so I can't speak from context, but a slide stating a lack of corporate involvement is a bit striking given the number of gnome developers who work for Red Hat, and the amount of money RH puts into Gnome.

Have a look over the slide presentation yourself. Have a look at slides 10, 15, 23, and 33. Drink in what this means. I've have used gnome for over a decade, but in light of recent events, you'll find me in XFCE from now on. 


Shaun said...

I'm still pretty excited about the Mate project. I see nothing wrong with forking at a version level where gnome worked for the sake of having that nice desktop environment so many enjoyed while making the incremental (hopefully non-breaking) changes that the gnome project should have been making. It's really unfortunate what has happened to the project while they have decided that they know better how people want to use their systems.

Juanjo MarĂ­n said...

Come on !, they are slides from talk, you can't extract any conclusion only from this material. This talk was about start a debate about the future, not presenting any plan.

BTW, GNOME has less corporate support than in the past, Sun Microsystems dropped its support to GNOME after the adquisition from Oracle and I think Canonical offers even less support than in the past, though there are still Canonical hackers in GNOME.

I don't understand your point of view reading this post. I'd prefer a more concrete post about your problems with GNOME 3.

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