Big changes within CentOS and Xen

As most of you know I've been rather disconnected from the CentOS project for a few years. For both personal and professional reasons I had stepped away to get some things straight for myself. About 2 months ago Karanbir and Johnny Hughes reached out to bring me back into the community. As part of the return, we have been working together to collaborate on some truly significant changes within the product.

While the core of the CentOS ideology has been to be 100% binary compatible with our upstream vendor, we've decided that in some areas, WE need to take the initiative. To that end we've been collaborating with some outside projects to help build things into a more cohesive framework. We wanted to grow the project to be more than rebuild, and today we're taking a major step forward in this initiative.

With help from Stefano Stabellini of the Xen project, we're pleased to announce the fruit of a major collaborative effort. As Stefano has put so much of his own time into the project I'll let him explain it.

We're pleased to partner with the folks to help bring about this monumental shift in the linux ecosystem, and we can't wait to hear from the community! Look for your downloads to be available soon!


Fabian Arrotin said...

hahahah, it's just after reading your post that I saw it was April 1st :-)

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