Videos from the Aldershot CentOS Dojo

A month or so ago, the folks at CatN were kind enough to sponsor a CentOS dojo that had some really good presentations across a wide array of topics. Justin Clift gave us an infiniband presentation that caused a near instantaneous sellout of infiniband gear on eBay. David Scott showed us his cloud building prowess, deploying an OpenStack cloud solution using Xen and Ceph.  John Cowie of Etsy demonstrated automated provisioning and burn-in testing using CentOS based live images.

Throughout the course of the day, there were several presentations, but only around 75 seats. While we did stream the event, we're now able to share the individual sessions via YouTube. If you missed something at the Dojo, or missed the Dojo altogether, you can watch the presentations you're interested in on the CentOS Project's YouTube channel, or by selecting from the list below:



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