Traffic to the new CentOS website

When we were redesigning the CentOS website, we decided to use basic Google Analytics to provide the stats and metrics surrounding website traffic. What we've seen for traffic has been reasonably impressive for the distribution. While I wasn't able to capture the launch-day traffic statistics (I may have had a typo in calling the javascript), I'm still happy with what we're seeing.

In the two weeks since launch, we've seen:

  • Averaging around 28,000 visits a day, and climbing
  • Over 300,000 visits
  • Over 260,000 unique visitors
  • Over 580,000 page views

I wasn't expecting to see quite the numbers we're getting from mobile devices either. Around 18% of the total traffic we get comes from a mobile or tablet. What's more interesting is that while the traditional 'desktop' type traffic dips noticeably over the weekend, the mobile interest is consistent, and steadily climbing. 

It will certainly be interesting to see how traffic changes over the course of the SIG and Variant development time-frame. 


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